Partner Program

GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL is partnering with business entrepreneurs in different regions of the world by establishing a network of local branch offices for the provision of its audit, assessment and certification services.

Partners shall embrace our business principles while developing a collaborative network of management system auditors and certification professionals capable to operate in a competitive and dynamic business environment under specific rules (e.g. accreditation requirements).

Recognition as an GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL Partner provides a signal to potential/actual customers and to the marketplace that the provided certifications are part of a global business and recognized at international level, differentiating your company and expanding your market opportunity.

By this kind of partnership, you have access to the GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL system in order to perform specific audit activities and to deliver to your customers ISO or other international standards-based management system registration and certificates.


  • Professional and financial advancement opportunities;
  • Full advantage by existing accreditations and comprehensive certification schemes;
  • Flexible and pragmatic business approach;
  • Fast track partnering solutions based on long term mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Quick and most direct route for developing/expanding your audit and certification business;
  • Alignment of your business with the undisputed advantages of an international certification body;
  • Gaining access to resources to help drive business growth, create new opportunities, and increase profitability;
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by the implicitly benefits of globally provided services;
  • Becoming a member of a global certification network.

Partnership Application

Partnerships are considered on a case-by-case basis following a review of commercial, technical and logistical aspects, including, but not limited to following:

  • Current business activities
  • Number of employees
  • Business experience
  • Access to qualified human resources
  • Sources of potential conflict of interests
  • Business development plan
  • Geographical location

GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to approve any partnership application if minimum requirements are not met.