Management Declaration of Independence and impartiality

Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS (UK) LIMITED is aware of the importance of Independence and impartiality in carrying out activities related to certification of products and management systems. Our goal and priority is always to proceed transparently, assess and decide objectively and without any conflict of interest.

To achieve these resolutions, the fulfilment of the requirements for impartiality and independence of the GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL following principles:

  1. Take decisions on the certification of products and management systems, only based on objective and professional assessments.
  2. Inform interested parties of its action, and transparent procedures to submit all information related to GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL, which represents the parties,
  3. Not certify activities of another certification authority, aimed at conformity assessment,
  4. Analyse review and take action on potential threats to the impartiality, not to consult,
  5. Conformity assessments, respectively not to carry out internal audits in companies which are clients or potential clients of GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL, published sequence of steps and certification process, environmental audit and verification, as well as the results of the decision on the certification and validation,
  6. Effectively respond to complaints and deal with them appropriately,
  7. Handle confidential information from customers, while appropriate to balance the principle of openness and confidentiality in dealing with and responding to complaints,
  8. Promotes the activities of the certifying authority in relation to consultancy work on conformity assessment,
  9. A prerequisite for the success or other economic advantage of a particular certification consultancy company,
  10. Analyse and take appropriate measures to protect the impartiality if it is threatened by the activities of other persons, bodies or organizations,
  11. Comply with ethical principles in all activities related to business GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL
  12. Maintain partnerships with each customer in accordance with the principle that the certification process and its results, including the Decision are not dependent on the financial interests of the company,
  13. Carried out by independent certification services for clients and staff monitor this activity,
  14. Hold to the principle: "trust but verify", which must meet the principle objective of obtaining evidence and then evaluated,
  15. Avoid, respectively. A ban on using methods of intimidation of any person participating in the certification process.

GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL activities are governed by a non-discriminatory manner. Conformity Assessment Body GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL is independent of other companies and any other pressures that could affect the results of the certification process. The certification authority is responsible in full for decisions regarding certification, including the issuance, maintenance, reconstruction, enlargement, reduction, suspension and revocation of certification.

GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL Conformity Assessment Authority declares that it is impartial in carrying out activities related to conformity assessment, managing conflicts of interest and ensures objectivity activities related to conformity assessment.

The Conformity Assessment Authority shall, before entering into a contract with the client audit identify, analyse and, where possible of the documented conflict of interests caused, including any conflicts caused its relations. If any rising concerns about fairness, the certifying authority can document and demonstrate how to remove or minimize these concerns.

Hereby commit ourselves to neutrality in the activities of certification to the fact that we do not engage in any manufacturing, commercial or financial activities that might compromise the independence of the company, or succumb to any economic, commercial or political pressure.

Also declare that the services of GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL is available for all organizations and businesses regardless of orientation. Those who want to work at GLOCERT INTERNATIONAL must first be identified with this policy and leadership must create favourable conditions and provide necessary resources to act fully in accordance with it.