GLOCERT has a rich pool of technical experts - which enables us to develop and deliver Experiential Training programs in upcoming technologies and standards.

GLOCERT has a defind method of development of training modules , which focuses on content enrichment, tutor qualifications and upgradation and a constant feedback from training candidates who attend our trainings

Transferring Expert Knowledge Skills

Our training emphasizes on practical learning via case studies under the tutor’s guidance. Each session has its learning objectives. It allows participants to know exactly what to expect and what needs to be achieved. Participants are encouraged to be actively involved in every activity for an interactive learning experience.

GLOCERT provides training courses on a wide range of subjects held at selected countries in the world. Some of our courses have been rigorously assessed and are approved by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). These courses provide an effective route to a professional qualification that is recognised worldwide.

Training of personnel

GLOCERT supports the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies by specific trainings that relate to understanding, use, implementation, auditing and certification of management systems based on international standards.

The trainings have the specific goal of improving one's capability, capacity and performance in this field and cover following subjects:

Management System Implementation awareness courses;

Internal Auditor courses;

Third-Party Auditor courses.

For queries on the above courses please write to